Hi, I'm Susan W Brown

I show business owners who desperately want less stress how to get more enjoyment out of running their businesses using accounting. Yes you read that correctly - less stress and more enjoyment from accounting.I want to make accounting your new best friend.

I believe in determined people who want to control their destiny.

I celebrate the independent people who can't conform to the 9-to-5.

I applaud the passionate people who accept the challenge to build their own business.

My passion is helping these determined, independent, passionate people build financially healthy and profitable businesses they are excited to run (and at the same time show off the beauty of accounting.)


When I'm not working with clients or meeting deadlines I can be found making travel plans with George, my amazing husband of 29 years, and our feline fur babies.

We do have an awesome human child, Renn Brown, but he grew up and left our nest to become a film maker.

Renn in Vegas Helicopter Shot.jpg

If you are curious, here are 7 random facts you don't know about me...

  1. I am left handed but use my right hand to cut with scissors.
  2. I was elected class Treasurer in high school.
  3. I played the flute (long ago) because I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket (still true).
  4. My perfect day involves my toes in sand watching waves crash into the shore.
  5. My first college major was Chemistry but then I discovered my love for Accounting
  6. I enjoy Astronomy and believe Pluto was rightly demoted.
  7. I am thrilled by rollercoasters but terrified by motorcycles.

I post Motivation Mondays, Fun Fridays and random points of interest along life's journey

as proof some accountants know how to have fun!